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Musings And Misadventures' Journal

22nd July, 2007. 7:36 pm. Just returned from the brief Northern tour...

...and it was very fun indeed. Rather 'Starshaped' in many ways. Will provide a ramble soon, I imagine

Found this on the Internets. Anyone care to claim responsibility?


Songs to lose your sense of identity to
Requested by: the special k society
Compiled by: yellowbird

01. How I Became The Bomb - "Secret Identity" (Let’s Go)
02. Billy Ruffian - "Masterminding My Downfall" (My Secret Life)
03. The New Pornographers - "Unguided" (Challengers)
04. Cursive - "The Night I Lost the Will to Fight" (Domestica)
05. Arcade Fire - "My Body is a Cage" (Neon Bible)
06. Pavement - "Frontwards" (Watery, Domestic)
07. The National - "Mistaken for Strangers" (Boxer)
08. Minus Story - "Stitch Me Up" (My Ion Truss)
09. Taken by Trees - "Lost and Found" (Open Field)
10. Antony & The Johnsons - "I am a Bird Now" (I am a Bird Now)
11. Mountain Goats - "Whole Wide World" (Sweden)
12. Death Cab For Cutie - "The Sound of Settling" (Transatlanticism)
13. Oasis - "Whatever" (Whatever)

(I like the company that we're in)...

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19th July, 2007. 7:52 pm.

Yesterday, myself and Thom Ruffian went to a local radio station. They fed us tea, played 'Music vs. Money', then they made us perform 'My Secret Life' on acoustic guitar (and kazoo!). They asked us lots of questions (including Either/Or questions) and then played 'Turn Your Head'. Eventually we were allowed to go.

Then we went to DJ at Font Bar. This is (some of) what myself and my ladyfriend (remember that we) played (in some sort of order):

McAlmont and Butler - Theme From 'McAlmont and Butler'
Pulp - Stacks
Relaxed Muscle - Sexualized
Roxy Music - Virginia Plain
My Life Story - Motorcade
Garbage - Only Happy When It Rains
Stephen Malkmus - Jenny and the Ess Dog
McAlmont and Butler - Bring It Back
Pulp - I'm a Man
Brassy - Play Some D?
Hefner - I Took Her Love For Granted
Kylie Minogue - Some Kind Of Bliss
Blur - Turn It Up
Kenickie - Nightlife
Theaudience - A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed
Jesus and Mary Chain - April Skies?
Manics - Stay Beautiful
Billy Ruffian - Youth Club
Billy Ruffian - Whipping Boy
Billy Ruffian - Turn Your Head
Longpigs - She Said
The Fall - The Joke
Hefner - God Is On My Side
Sid Vicious - My Way

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17th July, 2007. 7:03 pm.

Is it wrong to be feeling at least slightly upset/sad for Chris Langham? I do like his work so very much, and to see him being destroyed in court is pretty saddening.

Just a shame that there seems to be at least some truth in the allegations.

I'm 27. I turned 27 on Sunday but, for the first time in ages, I don't seem to really care about this age. It's just a (ludicrous) number and one that doesn't really seem to make much sense. So I'll just ignore it.

Hope you're all well x

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25th June, 2007. 9:24 pm. Ruffians in London....

Event Info Name: Billy Ruffian play London!
Tagline: And in the most unusual of venues, too!
Host: Billy Ruffian
Type: Music/Arts - Concert
Time and Place Date: Monday, July 30, 2007
Time: 8:05pm - 11:30pm
Location: Bloomsbury Bowling, Tavistock Hotel, Bloomsbury, London
Street: ?
City/Town: London
View Map

Billy Ruffian finally travel to London on Monday July 30th, when they will be playing at Bloomsbury Lanes (http://www.bloomsburylive.com/) which is apparently "situated below the Tavistock Hotel in Bloomsbury – it’s just a 3 minute walk from Russell Square Tube and a short walk from Holborn and the West End."

There'll be songs and dancing and jumping around and, seemingly, some bowling as well!

More details as we get them...

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21st June, 2007. 2:14 pm.

Work colleague on a defendant: “Haha, her own father’s called her a slag!”
“That’s easy for him to say. I wonder what he got up to in his youth.”
“Well, it’s different for men, isn’t it?”
“No it isn’t, it’s exactly the same.”
“Well no, they get called ‘studs’ don’t they…?”

And this from a woman. Oh God, that attitude really makes my blood boil! Fortunately, said woman is still stuck in the 80s and I think (I hope!) that this attitude resides there, also? Well, I really hope it does, anyway….

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17th June, 2007. 11:42 pm.

Diskant.net say:

"BILLY RUFFIAN - My Secret Life (CD, Filthy Little Angels)

With a band name that just screams aggression, the record doesn't take long to mark a target and start a fight. Complete with something of a real bitterness, the character Billy Ruffian comes flying out of the tower blocks of Manchester, rant and raving all over what may or may not be something of a modern concept album about a dick.

Often sounding like Art Brut if they were tasty in a ruck, within a few songs Billy Ruffian has taken pops at the music industry, other bands, girls, anything it would seem before descending into some kind of flexing self loathing pose with a drink problem and obsession with death.

Musically rounded by fizzy guitars that sound like sirens, heavy bass lines and occasional brass section accompaniments, song writing that is true has an end product the often sounds like a mash of The Fall and Roxy Music on a budget fronted by Frank Sidebottom or at least his best friend at school. Later it also occurs to me that this is how the Sultans Of Ping (ask your parents or consult a history book) would sound were they played at the wrong speed slow.

The evident humour is often difficult to decipher as the songs play either hit or miss, reaching a low point with the Tiger Lillies-esqe "Ballad Of Billy Ruffian" which is a sad descend into cheese. Fortunately the sharp boiled lyrical content of the excellent "Music v Money" is the lasting recollection after the album has long passed. The lyrics are clearly crafted as narrations of turmoil and frustration, commonplace with any listener/observer that has ever been involved.

The album ends with "The Last Day", a satisfactory way to end an album, working like the speech of somebody lying on their death bed (maybe Mr Ruffian). Unlike other things from Manchester, this is educated and very much underdog in its making but full of potential to equally ruffle feathers.

Thesaurus moment: sly.

Billy Ruffian
Filthy Little Angels

posted by JGRAM | # 6/17/2007 |
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17th June, 2007. 11:55 am.

Doctor Who - wow! What an absolutely stunning episode. Derek Jacobi (it was he, wasn't it?) was absolutely wonderful. Such an unexpected revelation, brilliantly handled - real edge of your seat stuff.

But John Simm...hmm. I remain to be convinced. The overacting made me cringe even with just five minutes of screen time.

I do hope he tones it down a little for the next one!

But overall...rather bloody good!

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9th June, 2007. 1:40 am.

Songs I played at the album launch on Wednesday:

Pulp - O.U. (Gone, Gone)
Baby Birkin - Melo Melo
The Fall - Lost in Music
Campag Velocet - Bon Chic Bon Genre
Campag Velocet - Only Answers Delay Our Time
Wire - Three Girl Rhumba
Elastica - Not sure. Something from 'The Menace'
Relaxed Muscle - Rod of Iron
Rialto - Monday Morning 5:19
Grandaddy - Summer Here Kids
Blur - Get Out Of Cities
Supergrass - Richard III
Velvet Underground - Who Loves The Sun
The Fall - Touch Sensitive
Tiger - Time Tunnel Cellar
Hefner - Mary Lee
Lilys - Nanny in Manhattan
Belle & Sebastian - Jonathan David
Bob Dylan - Leopard Skin Pill-Box Hat
Bluetones - If

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8th June, 2007. 11:11 am.

Hello Livejournal!

Am back having a ramble at you for a bit about my goings-on, for reasons gone into slightly in last night’s late-night post…

Yesterday evening was most diverting. Was rung at work by Paul Ruffian who invited me to my own local where he was in situ with a friend of ours. Turned up and got fed free drinks. Eventually made our drunken way to the Trafford Centre before being deposited back home. I’m sure I had some tea at some point, but don’t really remember! An enjoyable, surprising evening, despite the fact that I’d really wanted a night in. The vast amount of repairs required to my family tree (portions of which were lost in my great hard-drive purge) really are demanding that I start work on them soon.

The day before we had our album launch at Font Bar in town. It was several kinds of lovely as we played our album from start to finish in the very busy establishment, then took turns Djing. I took the first (hour long) set, and will try and dig out the list of what I played before too long.

Last Saturday we did band things, too. T’was the first night of the ‘FLA’ mini-tour, and so we got to play with old favourites Dirtblonde, Scotland’s The Leatherettes and Durham’s lovely Colt .45s. All of the bands were great, and our performance was apparently rather good, too. People clapped along during Turn Your Head and I deeply regretted the fact that I’d stuffed my guts with a lovely curry before going onstage. Drenched myself with water, but my stomach wasn’t at all happy at all of the jumping around. Made myself a catwalk out of some tables. Excellent!

That’s all for me from now. I need a regular outlet for my ‘what I have been up to’ descriptions else all will be forgotten. Perhaps a brief précis of London is required, too…?

Monday arrived. Met with Todd and Anastasia. Went to the Halls of Residence, dropped stuff off. Then out for a meal at a lovely pizzeria. Was gallant and offered food to the more financially embarrassed Anastasia, who eventually capitulated. After this, we mooched off to Freedom in Soho (like a less bright Tiger Lounge) and onto Jewel by Leicester Square (or did I get these the wrong way ‘round?). Wine was consumed, and chatter was engaged in, although I was not as chatty as my companion. Drunkenness hit her but not me just after leaving this second venue, and so home to bed.

Tuesday awoke terribly late and headed off to Camden. Anastasia got her directions wrong so we ended up having to walk some of the way, but did get to see a dead tube station and go to a wonderful greasy-spoon café. Camden was as lovely as ever and we mooched through the market and had lunch overlooking the canal and tried to decide just who was the famous person being interviewed. We failed to guess. Had a long, sunny walk along the said canal and, after observing many small and cute waterfowl (and lovely barges), eventually arrived back home. Early to bed to make up for the previous day’s late night.

Wednesday was Kew, I believe. Took us a while to get there, and we lazed in a park or sorts next to a river (yes, I am this unfamiliar with London that I really do know no place names!). Met up with some of Anastasia’s friends and enjoyed a summery day lazing in a pub. Received a classic Dad text – “Have you spoken to your parents lately? They won’t be around forever, you know.” I saw the hilarity in this, but my companions did not, but then again his humour can be quite odd at times, I guess. I rang up with, “So, the old man wants attention, does he?” which he seemed to enjoy. Met a chap named Paul who was Peter Serafanowicz (sic – Dwayne from Spaced, the Shipping Forecast chap in Black Books) in all of her mannerisms and styles, apart from the voice, which was only slightly less sonorous. Got dropped off home and realised why I’d never want a car if I lived in London.

Thursday was Portabello Road, which I enjoyed thoroughly, never having been there before. Ate a lovely lunch opposite a huge mural of Samuel Beckett and went to the market itself, which was somewhat quiet, but still worthwhile. Mooched around Kensington and Chelsea, went to a shockingly over-priced jazz bar before going on to laze in the most pleasant Hyde Park (another ‘first time’ experience) and then stroll through it as it got dark. Later on, we headed out to Mayfair, but failed to find anything suitable as we had left it rather late.

Friday we went to Westminster where David Blunkett was spotted. It’s always important to get a celebrity spot when in London, so I enjoyed adding this one to my list. Headed off to the British Museum for I wanted to enjoy the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus once again (still my only one of the Seven Wonders that I’ve set eyes upon), before Anastasia treated me to several rare print and book shops that she’d already mapped out for me. And then we went to Euston to meet Tom. And then another story begins, but a rather less blissful and idyllic one.

If I take away just one memory of Summer 2007, I’d like it to be those five days, please.

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7th June, 2007. 10:32 pm.

Manchester Music Online say:

:: Billy Ruffian ::
18 June 2007 / 12 Trk CD / Filthy Little Angels
By Manuel Ecostos

The charms of Billy Ruffian are translated onto this is intriguing collection of tunes and stories. “Music Vs Money” is already a stand out live track and could be a song taken from a stage play about the music business. It’s Fall-ish, sci-fi riffs are overlaid with some totally relevant comments and observations about our very own opportunistic music scene. Superb. Even though there’s a slight irony to the proceedings Billy Ruffian and in particular singer Stephen Bray, sounds like a slightly more mellow Howard Devoto - which is also reflected in the post-punk, slightly theatrical swings of the guitars and bass on the stand out live track “Death Of A Band” (see also the excellent crawl of “The Apothecary”). “Youth Club” is the definite sound of early 80’s basement new wave. This is an adventurous album as “Masterminding My Downfall” continues to bounce the bass off trumpets and wiry guitars whilst Bray talks a good tale over the whole plot. Whilst the recording has kept things fairly straight and dry it’s an excellent session that captures the spirit of Billy Ruffian's unique and oblique sense of fun and guile.



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